Synergy Web Platform

Content Management

The Synergy Web Platform™ is a content management system that provides for the administration of the Web site pages through a Web browser-based content management system similar to using Microsoft Word or other word processing software. You are in control of the administration of your Web site, adding, editing and/or deleting content.

Portal Roles

The Synergy Web Platform™ is also a portal solution that can be configured to create and manage an infinite number of site visitor “roles.” Roles are given “permissions” consequently visitors assigned to various roles can only view the areas, pages and features on the Web site to which they have “permission.” This powerful tool gives you the ability to create Web site content for various groups (or roles) such as:

  • Public (the general public)
  • Members
  • Customers
  • Staff
  • Employees
  • Committees

In fact, any role you specify for your organization can be created and assigned to site visitors.

There are many features for the Synergy Web Platform™, all are content managed through your Web browser. They are appropriately programmed as Web site “modules” that “bolt-on” to your Web Platform installation. Once included in your Web Platform, these modules add many features that are now in-demand by site visitors using the Web. Since the modules are programmed to work within the Platform, they can be added easily. Additionally, all are associated with the Web Platform portal security roles, so your members, customers, and/or subscribers will have special access to areas, information and functions of you site. Based on their assigned role, each site visitor can have his/her own unique experience as the Platform will only display pages or functions to visitors based on their assigned security role. This experience can be an individual as a “My Page” showing account or individual information, or access to areas for shared group experience, forums, file libraries, calendars, etc.