About the Synergy Web Platform™

We believe with the Web industry’s move toward Web 2.0 there are significant, strategic changes appearing in new Web sites, and in the expectations of early-adopter Web users. Over time, these feature and functional changes in Web sites will be expected by most Web users. Consequently they will become a normal part of the Web, much like e-commerce is today.

The Synergy Web Platform™ and our unique approach to its installation, use and support, is our solution to helping our clients successfully meet these new challenges.

Our approach to the Synergy Web Platform™ solution combines what we believe is the best current technology with the consulting, creativity, training and support necessary for our clients to accomplish the following:

    1. Present a professional Web experience to the public, clients or members, employees and all other groups today;
    2. Prepare for future changes in Web technology and user demand for tomorrow.

Our focus is ROI for our clients delivered through a cost-effective Web solution, the Synergy Web Platform™.

The Synergy Web Platform™ meets these objectives with the following features:

    • Portal application
    • Content Management System
    • Over 50 interactive modules included
    • 100’s of add-on modules to “bolt-on" to accomplish specific objectives
    • Secure, Microsoft technologies
    • Easy-to-use modules
    • User-oriented designs and menu architecture
    • Open Source solution programmed in .NET2.0