Gregory E. Jiede
Synergistic Networks, Inc.
105 South York Street Suite 550
Elmhurst, 60126

Dear Greg:

Now that our Synergy Web PlatformTM has been up and operating for a few months, I’d like to share with you the positive effect that it has had on our business. The primary benefit is how quickly we can add content and that we can do it ourselves. Our staff finds the platform easy to use and the number of visitors to our web site has increased to over 30,000 in the month of July. We had been averaging 18 -20,000 visitors per month prior to implementing the new platform.

Also, as you know, I just came back from the annual Alliance of Area Business Publications (AABP) conference where as part of a seminar, we had our new Web site critiqued. I came back with a list of twelve improvements that the consultant thought would make our site more compliant with Web 2.0 expectations.

I recently met with SynNet Client Services and reviewed the list, and I was pleased at the response! Three of the items were things that our staff needed to do relative to content, so I knew that we could easily make those changes. But as we reviewed the nine other recommendations, David, your Client Services Director, demonstrated how to handle it within the Synergy Web PlatformTM by using an existing module and adding it to our site – maybe ten minutes per change. He showed us how to add RSS feeds, new calendars, video clips and libraries, moderated blogs for outside authors to contribute to the Web site and other interactive features – all built-in to the Synergy Web PlatformTM. Every feature recommended for Web 2.0 positioning could be handled by the standard configuration of the Platform; no additional programming costs were needed.

Once we’re ready on the content side, we’ll begin adding all of the recommendations, plus a few more that David suggested.

Thanks again, and we are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with SynNet.

Best Regards,

Andrew Zielonka
Director of Sales & Marketing

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