For Associations

The Synergy Web Platform™  allows for the following:

Increase Return On Investment

Your Web site has become your most important communications channel to members, the public, your Board, Committees and others.  Therefore it must accomplish your organization's objectives.

Enhance Member Benefits

The Synergy Web Platform™  has over 50 modules that can be added to increase interactivity, knowledge sharing, community-building, and communications.  Since it's a portal, various "roles" can be associated with members - enabling you to present different information to specific groups through such techniques as "My Page".

Reduce Costs

The Synergy Web Platform™   puts you in control of your Web site's content and SynNet's staff trains you on how to do it.  No need for expensive outside programmers to keep your site up-to-date.  Staff and/or contributors can add information, pages, or files, all managed by you.

Simplify Member Management

The Synergy Web Platform™  can be configured and integrated with almost any AMS, or it offers its own online member management.  Online dues collection, member profiles, registrations and reports can all be accomplished with your current AMS or by using the Synergy Web Platform™ .

Boosts Web Presence

With the beginning of Web 2.0 and the increased importance of Web search engine listings, the Synergy Web Platform™   provides numerous methods to enhance search engine listings.

Enhance Site "Stickiness"

The longer a visitor or member stays on your site, the greater his/her satisfaction.  Synergy Web Platform™   provides modules to create easy information exchange and Web 2.0 features expected on the Web in the coming years.

All installations of the Synergy Web Platform™  include:

  • Consutling
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Support
  • Design 

With the advent of Web 2.0, there can be little doubt that your Web site has become an important element of your association, its mission, membership, member benefits and administration.  Futhermore, during the next five years the Web will become even more so.  It is for this reason that we designed the Synergy Web Plaform™ to successfully support associations, not-for-profits, trade groups and member-oriented organizations.
Throughout our history, Etchasoft has provided Web consulting services to non-profit and membership organizations.  This experience taught us that associations have unique needs for their Web site and led to the creation of the Synergy Web Platform™ .

The Web has become more that just a place to create a "Brochure on line."  The future will bring entirely new methods and generations of users with higher expectations. There will be more demand to deliver binding member benefits on line, of branding, of creating member prospects and managing member relationships on line.   It will be a primary means for prospects to locate your association, get to know you and in-turn, you get to know them. It will be the way for you to bring better service to your members, board and committees, to provide services and support and to interact with them. 

All of the above will not happen tomorrow, but over the next few years it will.  The Synergy Web Platform™   has been created to help you and your association make these adjustments and grow, adding features as needed, keeping costs down through our Web Modules and providing the consulting and training you and your staff need to stay "in-touch" with current technology.

The Synergy Web Platform™  is more than a Web site, it’s a Web system that puts you and your staff in control. We are committed to the successful design, implementation and training for your Synergy Web Platform™.  Web Modules have features that can be added to meet your particular associtaion demands -  to name a few of the more important ones: 

Full Content Management - from a Web browser your staff can manage the pages of your Web site 

Portal Group Roles - to create Web areas for the public and secure Web areas for members, staff, the Board or committees 

Surveys - Gain feedback from your members via surveys.  They can be as simple as a 2 question "poll" or a full fledged membership satisfaction survey.  Controls can be put in place so that each member may only take the survey once. 

Site Search - Every Synergy Web Platform installation includes the site search function so visitors can quickly and easily locate information. 

User Accounts - Members can maintain their own user profiles online.  This reduces the overhead on your staff hours and improves the member experience.  This profiling also allows you to target information to members after they login and provide relevant content or access if they are also committee or board members. 

Picture Gallery -  Easily publish event photos after conferences, meetings, networking or educational sessions. 

Discussion Forums - Bring members together for online discussions and debate.  Discussion forums can be moderated so that only "appropriate" information can be shared with the specialty. 

Blogs - Blogs can also be implemented to allow this type of functionality. 

What’s new - New content will be displayed in the area when users visit the site.  No longer will members have to seek out new content – it will be dynamically pushed to them.

RSS - Allow the content of your site to be syndicate via RSS for greater exposure and ease of access.

Event Registration - This Enterprise application allows you to create events and allow for online registration.  Easily tied into credit card processing, this module allows you publish an unlimited number of events, list event agenda’s and allow for the registration of multiple attendees from the same organization. 

e-Learning - SynNet’s Enterprise application for e-Learning allows for the creation and publication of online learning content.  In addition, you can easily test for knowledge or to grant continuing education credit for the online course. 

Form Manager -  This Enterprise application allows non-technical staff to create and manage your online forms.  No longer will you need to call the programmers when you need to have a form added to your Web site.

Article Manager - An Enterprise application that allows you to easily manage articles or news items for your publications.   

In all, there are over 100 Module applications now developed for use by your organization.  And since they are modules, they can be added at anytime. 

Should a module not perfectly fit your requirements, our programming staff can customize one to meet your needs.

Seamless integration:  Etchasoft’s technical consultants can integrate the Synergy Web Platform™ with your AMS software so that members have a seamless user experience.  

If you are interested in learning how Synergy Web Platform™   can benefit your organization, contact Etchasoft today. In 30 minutes, you will begin to see the exceptional value offered by this powerful association solution.