For Faith Based Communities

With the coming of Web 2.0, there can be little doubt that your Web site has become an important element of your organization, its mission, membership, member benefits and administration. Furthermore during the next five years, the Web will become an integral part of your community's external and internal communications. It is for this reason that we developed the Synergy Web Platform™ to assist faith based communities, associations, not-for-profits and member organizations progress and adopt relevant technology changes.

The Synergy Web Platform™ for Faith Based Communities provides your organization with the Internet communication tools to help reach these critical goals:

  • Core Team Visioning and Communication
  • Developing a Sense of Community and Ownership
  • Creating a Sense of Urgency
  • Opening Trust and Building Momentum

The Web has become more that just a place to create a "Brochure on line." The future will bring entirely new methods and generation of users with higher expectations. There will be more demand to deliver binding member benefits on line, of branding, of creating member prospects and managing member relationships on line. It will be a primary means for prospects to locate your community, get to know you and in-turn, you get to know them. It will be the way for you to bring better service to your members, board and committees, to provide services and support and to interact with them.

All of the above will not happen tomorrow, but over the next few years it will. The Synergy Web Platform™ has been created to help you and your organization make these adjustments and grow, adding features as needed, keeping costs down through our Web Modules and providing the consulting and training you and your staff needs to stay "in-touch" with current technology. Because our Synergy Web Platform™ is as simple as writing an MS Word document and completing an online form, you and your core team can add and edit virtually your entire Web site only using a Web browser.

Sharing content responsibilities for specific site areas empowers your leadership with powerful internal and public communication tools.

A sense of community confidence and collaboration grows when you share immediate information on planning and program additions, deletions, and changes to leaders using private discussion groups, file sharing, and calendars.

Your public site will keep members and visitors up to the minute with schedules, program information and service opportunities.

In the secure members’ only area you can display calendar updates and conduct member surveys to get votes on events or policies.

You and your Core Team can enhance community by reducing communication barriers and providing a clear vision which will open the way to promote growth.

By promptly updating your Web site, you create a Sense of Urgency. Consistent and immediate communication keeps your community actively involved in the goals, teams and programs of the organization. Your community has an increasing sense of urgency about the message members want to convey via outreach. You can ask for commitments in specified time frames and immediately track/present responses.

Photos and blogs can be used to increase trust and reduce hesitancy for newcomers. When the newcomer visits, he sees that the photos are honest and accurate. A visitor has a good sense of what to expect and a way to get to know you before they actually attend. You can make sure photos are current and well presented, so their visit to the church or religious community confirms your integrity of presentation.

The Synergy Web Platform™ is more than a Web site, it’s a Web system that puts you and your staff in control. We are committed to the success design, implementation and training for your Synergy Web Platform™. Web Modules have features that can be added to meet your particular organization’s demands number in the hundreds, and more are being added every month from which to chose.


Should a module not perfectly fit your requirements, our programming staff can customize one to meet your needs.

Seamless integration: Etchasoft’s technical consultants can integrate the Synergy Web Platform™ with your membership software so that members have a seamless user experience.

If you are interested in learning how Synergy Web Platform™ can benefit your organization, contact Etchasoft today. In 30 minutes, you will begin to see the exceptional value offered by this powerful faith based community solution.