Synergy Web Platform™ General Information

The Synergy Web Platform™ is an affordable, integrated Web site platform for businesses, associations, membership and publication organizations and faith based communities. Built on a Microsoft .NET open-source framework utilizing ASP.NET 2.0 technology, it provides an infinitely flexible environment that will increase your site functionality, capacity, and return on investment (“ROI”). Among the key features of this system are:

User Focused Content The Synergy Web Platform™ tailors content to the interests and role of the user. Site visitor groups such as members, customers, staff, employees, vendors and the public can have completely unique content experiences. An integrated WYSIWYG editor gives non-technical staff complete control over the content of the site. In addition, numerous standard features allow for the simple publication of events, catalogs, announcements, surveys, images and many other important site content functions.

Simple Site ManagementTake control of your Web site’s content, roles, forms, and navigation with the Synergy Web Platform’s™ simple and intuitive interface. No longer will you be completely reliant on programmers or consultants to maintain or add important features to your site.

Ready-When-You-Are Functionality The Synergy Web Platform™ is infinitely flexible for future needs. New functionalities can be added via Web Modules, and thereby increases the ROI on your initial Web marketing investment. An implementation of the Synergy Web Platform™ creates a complete Web site with personalization and the ability to target any number or type of site visitors with timely information. Full role-based authentication and authorization will allow for secure delivery of information. With the Synergy Web Platform™, Web page publishing becomes dynamic and simple and allows the system to function as the organization’s Web communications platform.